The inside of the Turd is even worse than the outside

Is anyone at all surprised that Fifth Third might “forget” to pay its employees?  Given the way they treat their customers’ money and the taxpayers’ money, it’s not much of a stretch, is it?  Check out the allegations made by a complaintsboard poster:

If you think being a customer of Fifth Third bank is treacherous, you should should try working for them.

1) They frequently “forget” to pay you your shift differential. You have to argue to get it, and they will fix it on their own time, a couple months after you point out that it is missing.

2) They sometimes forget to pay you your overtime, and like the shift differential they forget to pay you, it will be adjusted months later.

3) Always get offers of salary increases in writing. You will find out why after you don’t see it on your paycheck for a few months, and after mentioning this for a dozen times or so, the person who told you about the pay increase 3 different times, forgot they told you and will claim the conversation about your pay increase ever happened.

4) An overwhelming majority of the staff in certain departments are females and for some odd reason the handful of men who work there are quickly promoted to management, leaving women with far more accomplished backgrounds behind. If you are a woman at Fifth Third Bank, forget your advanced degrees, previous management experience, and directly related banking experience. They are not relevant at Fifth Third Bank.

5) The HR department doesn’t even respond to many employment inquiries. I have heard of people applying several times to get an entry level job, even with years of related experience. They will reject your application for such tiny things as not holding your last job for more than 1 year. It doesn’t matter how qualified you are or what wonderful talent you’d bring to the office. Sometimes they will contact you months after you originally applied. Amazingly, you’d think such tight application process would improve the quality of people allowed into the doors, but no, this is not the case. I see many employees with bad English and limited logic.

6) They have bonus incentives that are so hard to get, hardly anyone qualifies to get them. Employees make jokes about them. To qualify for them, you must pass a series of somewhat subjective criteria.

Complaintsboard – Fifth Third Bank as an Employer


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