Complaints from consumeraffairs

In their own words:

Shirley of South Point , OH April 28, 2010

Charged 296 in overdraft fees for one purchase because they take the largest debit first. This made the other 7 purchases I made earlier in the day overdrwn too. The card should be declined because there is not enough money to cover it but they approve it any way just to get the overdraft fees. This is stealing from the customer and dishonest banking practice. When I called to correct the situation they just said over and over that the fees would not be reversed because there was no bankning error on their part. I told them that I would pay one overdraft fee because I did overdraw on one purchase but they still would not reverse the fees. They purposefully take the largest debit first, regardless of the order the puchases were made, to charge more overdraft fees to steal our hard earned money.

Roy of 46250, IN April 27, 2010

Been a member since 1970 and have been having mistakes and a total loss of care as a long time customer. Been closing accounts and changing to Chase and Forunm Credit Union because of how they have treated me as a customer. Last straw was I been trying to close a Non Profit account down that had other signers on the account. I had the new Treasurer of that Non-Profit account go in person to close that account down. He called me after and told me how Mr. Johnson had told him I had another account that had not been used since 1998. Mr Johnson then saID he would close that account down with him there and later called to tell him all accounts that had been talked about down. NOT ONCE CALLING ME TO ASK ABOUT THE ACCOUNT THAT HAD NOT BEEN USED SINCE 1998. I contacted authorities and was given Privacy Guard for a year. It has been over a month trying to activate that protection. If that person was going to use my information he would have plenty of time given how 5th 3rd has NOT PROTECTED ME.

david of sarasota, FL April 26, 2010

1) Sent in check to wife’s health savings account. Bank didn’t credit to account. Sent proof to bank of depostit. Bank refused to credit it for 60-90 days until it researched.

2) Bank paid 900 from checking account to alleged creditor via electronic transfer. I did not authorize. Bank said I had authorized but refused to give me proof that I had authorized.

3) Bank set closing on mortgage for date certain in Sarasota. I drove from work in Tampa to Sarasota to close, but bank did not have papers ready. Had to come back the next day. Then bank tried to make the loan fo 50,000 more than needed, which I had not authorized. Later found out bank recorded purchase of home in wrong county.

4) Paid my mortgage timely within grace period every month for years. But when recession hit bank harassed me every month to pay on the first of month. Callede over and over again. Had asked when closed to have payment dat on 15th of month but bank said no need because there was an automatic grace period until 15th every mont, so I could pay on 15th.

5) When car lease ended, bank ruined my credit by reporting lease as settled–paying as agreed, instead of the truth, which was that the lease had ended and had been completely paid.

6) Bank also lowered my credit score by continuing to report a line of credit as open, with zero balance, which I had closed. It should have stopped reporting this line to credit reporting agencies.

mandy of independence, KY April 24, 2010

they have taken so much money from me they always have a differant reason like my deposit was 10 min late or largest item goes threw first even though i paid for gas 5 days ago and had enough money to do so. they have taken over 1300.00 in overdraft fees i have 3 children to feed work for school system live paycheck to paycheck dont have time or money to play there games. i have so much stuff to remember i shouldn’t have to remember 15 different times i have to make my deposit by. this has put me behind on my house payment i have even had to have my water turned off because they charged me 300.00 in overdraft fee so i had to get food insted of water bill.

Jennifer of Franklin, OH April 22, 2010

Overdraft fees, they are not debiting in the order of checks are atm charges as they incure but taking the largest amount out first in order to run up my overdraft charges. What is the sense of keeping a bank book for my checking if the do not deduct in the order i have spent the money makes my bank log or book useless. 90.82 cents overdrawn because they went out of order

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