Complaint from consumeraffairs

Michael of Charlotte, MI March 30, 2010

Once again, a single overdraft has resulted in a ridiculous penalty from 5/3. I bounced a 26.00 check on Monday afternoon and it was my last transaction. Nothing posts from 5:00 Friday afternoon to 12:00 Tuesday morning, and 5/3 will rearrange the customer’s transactions to post the largest ones first. This will insure the highest fees possible. My single overdraft cost me 148.00. My mistake for not having enough sense to find another place to handle my money earlier I guess. Here is a copy of my latest plea for help to them:

“Hello. Me again. I’m embarrassed to even attempt to ask for help but this is wrong. My wife wrote a check this weekend that I was unaware of for 26.00. The check went through on Monday afternoon. I realize that we did not have enough in our account to cover this check, but the account was still in the black prior to this check posting. However, since nothing posts between Friday afternoon and 12:00 Tuesday morning, plus the transaction rearranging practice of your bank, it looks like this single overdraft is going to cost us 148.00 in fees!!!! We need help from you in this matter please.”

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