Complaint from complaintsboard

This bank does not know what they are doing. when I opened an account, I was very clear that I did not want transaction approved unless there was money in the account. This was how the account worked for a few months and then a “computer” decided to start approving transactions without regard to having money in the account. Then I set up external transfer for paying my rent. They did this one month and then decided that since my name was not on the receiving account, I could not do this. Yet another feature sold to me that does not work. Never mind that fact that it took me a month to get my billing address and physical address corrected. This many it very hard for me to purchased items on line for my business.

I also enjoyed the call chastising me for depositing a $25 third party check in the ATM when there was $2, 000 in my account.

I am trying to get away from these people. It is going to cost me some bucks.



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