Complaint from consumeraffairs

daniel of bethel, OH March 22, 2010

I had been called from my bank and asked to open a savings account, i already had a checking account. They said they would transfer the funds from my checkings to my saving right then and i could sign paper later. few days later i signed it. then i wrote a check for cobra (55.22) ins as i am laid off.

i forgot to transfer funds to cover the check. i noticed account was over drawn so i transfered 200.00 to cover check and fees. my unemployment check was also deposited (260.00). they got me for close to 400.00. I had 100.00 left. well they did not take out all the fees at once. How was i to know so i used some of the money i thought i had and was fined each time totaling over 700.00.

If they would have told me that i could have connected my two accounts they would have taken the money out of my savings to cover the check and all of this would have only cost me an extra 10.00. They will not reverse any of the fees and have taken my last 3 unemployment checks. I have not had a check for 3 weeks and are giong to take more out of my next check.

i have already experienced a major loss of pay due to a mass lay off. now my bills are late, i cannot afford food, gas, etc. They refuse to reverse any of the fees. I am crippled by this and have no one to turn too. I have never been in this spot and am not sure what to do at this point, i have contacted Howard A. and he is very interested in my story. I feel i have been cheated out of the little money i had to support my family.

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