Complaint from consumeraffairs

DONNA of MENTOR, OH March 3, 2010

I check my balance everyday. All of a sudden in one day they said I overdrew. I had taken a EARLY ACCESS bacause I knew my account would be close to the balance. To make a long story short, they charge overdraft fees on top of overdraft fees. They also charge per day you are over. IF you ask to close the account they told me “wait for 20 days, it can remain overdrawn for 20 days then we will discuss with you the overdraft and how to resolve, but meanwhile we are charging you for each day.”

I asked the person if they thought I was stupid or what. Why can’t I just work something out with you now, and they told me that they have to let it go for 20 days, of which those days are charging me per day. After the 20 days they will discuss the total with me.

The bottom line is that they told me that I was overdrawn 2.74 and they charged me 37 for that. I still have records that I did not overdraw the account, but they told me I have no recourse, it is there word and there is nothing you can do about it.

ALso I had savings account that held overdraft protection for my checking, and how convenient they took it upon themselves to close my savings account 3 days before all of this.

Then I put in for a STOP PAYMMENT online at 10pm and called then next day to make sure it was entered correct. They said yes it was and they charged me 33 for that, and “oh, by the way the check came in at the same time last night and we paid it.” So I call the person that it was to and they said to come in and they would reimburse me since the check cleared. Then two days later I look online and they did stop payment on the check they just told me cleared and I already went and got reimbursed for that. Now how does that make me look to that business? Fifth Third leavea a lot to be desired with their tactics they use. I am closing my account this Friday after I am certain that my husband direct deposit goes to the new bank.

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