Complaints from consumeraffairs for Feb. 2010

Julie of Wendell, NC February 26, 2010

Do not ever finance a vehicle with this bank. This has been the worst experience of my life. They will put you in Repo if you even owe a half month payment or into collections. They have too many departments for one thing and switch you from one to the other and apparently these departments don’t communicate with each other. I was at a branch this morning to make a car loan payment and the teller told me I owed this rediculos amount. So I got so upset that I asked for a manager.

I have dealt with one teller there that I actually liked with past issues. She was not there this morning. This bank will call you constantly and drive you insane. They love to repo and put you into collections like I have never seen. I am to the point that my personal bank will be taking over my loan. I don’t want anymore to do with this bank period. I got a call when I got to work from this bank and told them it was taken care of at a branch. Do not deal with this bank please – they have stressed me to the max. I am not crying over this bank anymore.

Dale of Frederick, MD February 24, 2010

Fifth Third Bank raised the interest rate on a closed account with excellent payment history. The Master Card account was closed in April of 2009. They agreed with me that I had closed it in April of 2009. When the February 2010 bill arrive, the interest rate had been raised 2 points.

I immediately called customer service. They said I had been sent a letter in Nov. 2009 requiring me to close the account and opt out of the rate increase. I told them I did not receive such a letter and the account had been closed for eight months before they supposedly sent the letter. They refused to listen to me or change the rate back.

This is unethical and grossly unfair. The account was already closed! Who would not opt out of a rate increase on a closed account if given the chance. I feel they have acted with extreme greed and are in the wrong. Why should I have had to “opt out and close” an already closed account! I certainly would have, though, had I gotten the letter. Its just wrong how Fifth Third Bank treated me. The economic damage is having a rate increase of 13.99% raised to 15.99%. The physical damage is feeling victimized and angry.

Shawn of Cincinnati, OH February 21, 2010

Our Samsung that we purchased in Jan 2007 will not turn on. At first it would make a clicking noise and turn on after about 5 minutes. This happened two days ago. The following day, it would not turn on at all. I googled the issue and found 100s of post with the same problem. We called customer service right away as I knew that this was not going away on its own. The representative said it was more than likely the capacitors and it would be covered under warranty. However, the warranty has expired (but she didn’t mention that). The rep said she would have a certified technician come out and fix the television in two business days. So, we will see what happens.

We spent over 1,500 for this TV. We relied on consumer reports because they rated it so high. I think consumer reports needs to reissue a statement on Samsung TVs. I am sure they know there is an issue and if they don’t, I would question anything else they put out. Their reputation is on the line too, so I suggest they get on it. I found a class action suit against Samsung, which I will join if they don’t fix my TV free of charge. The economy is too dire for consumers to have waste time and money on faulty manufacturing.

LAKISHA of CHARLOTTE, NC February 20, 2010

My account went into the negative on 2/18/20100 because of one charge, I put a deposit in the bank on 2/19/2010 to bring it in good standing. I thought I was in good standing but I received a 74.00 overdraft fee. This bank charges for everyday your account in the negative, so here on 2/20/2010 my account is in the negative and I will be charged again. Is this illegal

Kimberly of Nicholasville, KY February 19, 2010

On 2/16 the last transaction processed for the day in the amount of 182.18 resulted in my being overdrawn by 72.03. The following day, 2/17, I was charged 370 in overdraft fees based on every transaction that occurred on 2/16. On 2/18 I made a deposit to cover the OD charges. I learned that I will now be paying overdraft charges on my overdraft charge. I asked the manager to cancel any OD protection. I stated that if I did not have sufficient funds, I did not want the money paid out. I want it returned to the merchant, noted, non-sufficient funds. The manager told me I would be charged the same amount to return it, as I would pay in OD charges! What??? This is ludicrous! As it stands, they are manipulating transactions in an effort to obtain the most amount of money in OD charges. Then, they charge me OD charges on my OD charges. Now I am told there is nothing I can do to stop this action in the future. The bank must be stopped. It is preying on its customers at a time when there is no money to cover these outrageous fees and the charges will continue to escalate, with no relief.

Erika of Cape Coral, FL February 4, 2010

Fifth Third Bank charged me 148 in overdraft fees, for a short of 19.29 I made 4 small purchases with my debit card over the weekend, totaling 29.43. On Monday I made a purchase of 29.13. Monday night I went to the grocery store, and spent 97.03. I knew I was close to my balance, but the card went through, so I thought I was okay. (I do not have a savings account linked to it) Next day I noticed it was (19.29). When I swiped it at the grocery store, the card SHOULD have been declined due to insufficient funds, but they put it through. They then put the 97.03 amount through FIRST, even though it was the LAST item to clear. Instead of being charged for one NSF, all my purchases from over the weekend were charged a 37.00 fee!! My account is now (167.29), AND I will be charged 8 per day it is negative.

Ray of Hamilton , MS February 3, 2010

Sign me up for the Fifth Third class action suit.. Any addtional information you can provide would be great. Fifth Third charged me hundreds in overdraft fees … Finally, left bank…

Dawnielle of Oxford, OH February 3, 2010

While reviewing my account on-line, a couple of small transactions (5/10) were posted as pending (money was in the bank to clear these postings). I made a deposit before the end of the day. I also wrote a check the same day as the deposit was made. Although the check was wrote and delivered the day of the deposit, the check was processed through electronic posting for the same day as the deposit.

My account was 40 shy to cover the electronic posting for the check. I understand the overdraft on this process and I do not care to pay the charges for it. However, Fifth Third did not clear the small transactions that were already showing as pending.

Instead, they attempted to clear the 150.00 check first, therefore, creating my small transactions, which were already posted as pending, to be denied with unsufficient funds. I was charged 125 for overdraft fees on all transactions instead of clearing the small transcations first, (which had money to clear). I was charged 125 in fees for a 40 overdraft.

Nicole of Cincinnati, OH February 2, 2010

I got my direct deposit on 1/29/10 and paid bills as normal. I checked my bal on Saturday after trying to make a purchase at Target and only to find out that I needed to add more money so I transfered over 45 from my savings. Today 2/1/10 I called the 800 to find out why I didnt have anything in my checking or savings and in fact my acount is going to be in the neg over 100 come to find out a check that i had deposited via atm on 1/25/10 was posted and returned nsf on last night.

what I dont understand is why the check was returned on today when i got paid on Friday so they waited until I was down to my last dime to returned a check which is a 15 charge and then I have 2 other items for which there is no money in the account for b/c of this check deposit over a week ago. this bank is corrupt and fee driven. I will be making sure that both my checking and savings accounts are closed this coming Friday b/c I will not be a cash cow for this bank any more.

Also there is a class action lawsuit happening in NC (it was in the Cincinnati Enquirer today) I hope that they get what is coming to them! I dont have money to give the bank every time I get paid they are suppose to be protecting you money and helping it grow instead 5/3 bank has found a way to steal from you!

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