Complaints from consumeraffairs for Jan. 2010

Stephen of Castine, OH January 26, 2010

On 01/15/10 I deposited my payroll check for the amount of 264.88 into my checking account that was currently a positive balance. On the same day, i also payed a bill using my debit card in the amount of 108.87 which did not post until 01/16/10. I was charged an overdraft fee of 37.00 on 01/19/10, even though my ending balance for 01/15/10 was 265.86. I was never notified that the overdraft had occurred (even though i show no actual overdraft).

On 01/22/10 i checked my balance online through Fifth Thirds website only to find that the overdraft fee assessed on 01/19/10 consequently caused 3 other debits to overdraft on 01/20/10, each accruing a 37.00 fee which was charged 111.00 in total on 01/21/10. Beginning Monday, January 25 my account will be charged an 8.00 daily overdraft fee until my account becomes a 0.00 balance or above. Thanks 5/3 for kicking the consumer while they are down. I am truly disappointed in your practices.

Charles of West Salem, OH January 26, 2010

Unfortunately my wife and I had to file for bankruptcy last July and in April our lawyer told us that if we wanted to keep our Windstar that we would have to call Fifth Third and do a Loss Mediation. So I called the branch that the auto loan was through and told them what was going on and what we wanted to do. They connected me to a lady named Kim and through her I thought that everything was taken care of. She told us our payment was lowered from 299.97 to 174.97. The Reaffirmed amount was 3,630.05 at 8.8% and it would be payed off on May 9, 2010.

Now after making all of our payments on time we get a call that our loan is in default. On April 9, 2009 we sent a payment of 415.29 to have everything caught up. Twords the middle of December, 09 we received a form from the Financial Assistance program at Fifth Third. It was sent back 12/31/09 and we are told that it is still in review. I have called Kristen Foutch’s office and left numerous message’s to have her call me back. All we get is the collections department calling us at all hours. I sent them everything they asked for. We cannot afford a higher payment. That is why we called in April.The account should not be delinquent. Our payments have never been late.

Rose of Tippecanoe, OH January 19, 2010

I had a business checking account with this bank for 19 YEARS and when it was necessary to close my account because I moved to Southern Ohio and the nearest Fifth Third is 40-45 miles away they charged me 50 to close the account, 17.00 UNBILLED SERVICES and 17.00 for Services charges for the month.

Talked to manager six weeks ago and he promised to check into it but DID NOTHING and NEVER RETURNED MY CALL. Talked to a flip teller today who kept apologizing but found her insincere and unwilling to help. DO NOT RECOMMEND FIFTH THIRD TO ANYONE! I am out 67.00 of fees for no reason and no one told me about these fees when I was closing the account.

Jason of Toledo, OH January 13, 2010

Fifth third bank has misleading banking practices that lead to multiple overdraft fees

Marilyn of Charlotte, NC January 12, 2010

I wrote a check for 1,000 which was post-dated for December 24, 2009 (pay day) with the verbal consent of the person I was dealing with. The law firm to which it was written was supposed to hold it for deposit until 12/24/09 but the person I was dealing with was ill and the secretary picked it up and included it in the daily deposit. Their bank missed the date and sent it through. My bank paid in on December 21, 2009, which overdrew my checking account.

I contacted the firm, which overnighted me a check for 1,000, which did not make it here for 2 days due to a snow storm. I made a deposit for 2200+ on December 24, but by that time my bank had charged us 510 in overdraft fees, which they refused to refund, saying it was not their fault because their electronic banking did not pick up the date. I suspect this refusal is related to the fact that I complained to the Federal Reserve about exhorbitant overdraft charges in the past, which should have nothing to do with this particular case, but . . .

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