Complaints from consumeraffairs for Sept. 2009

Tab of Freeland, MI September 17, 2009

Just like many others here, I agree that 5/3 bank does everything they can to screw their customers. Our business got lured to 5/3 because of they had better credit card processing than we currently had and if it is deposited into a 5/3 account, its available the next day (vs the 3 days were were currently waiting). Well, first we were denied overdraft protections, after the rep said she could get it for us. We should have ran away then.

Since then, they have repeatedly send through the highest check before the smaller items and we’ve been hit with overdraft fees in excess of 300 per day. The lady at the bank said they pay the highest first because thats what they view as the most important.

Well then why, if there are 5 items going through and all 5 are going to be paid by the bank, and the account is going to go negative regardless, WHY do you do the highest one first when it was the last charge i did. Oh wait, i know the answer… to screw over the customers that are the only reason you are in business. So rather than getting one overdraft charge (which would have been legitimate, i admit) I got 5! Absolutely absurd.

The other problem I’ve been having on a regular basis is my card being declined when there is money in the account. The bank says it’s user error, but I’m confident that the people who are running my card are doing it right. Anyway, it’s happed WAY to much to be user error.

Thirdly, our cc processing is supposed to have the funds available the next day. Well imagine my humiliation when i was buying diapers & formula with a line behind me and my card was declined at 7pm when we had processed and batched a payment for over 1000 the day before. I came home and checked the account and it wasn’t in there yet, but I guess sometime between then and the next morning it hit the account. I’m sorry, but that hardly qualifies as “available the next business day”. It can’t be considered available if i cant use it.

garnett of richmond, IN September 2, 2009

A few weeks ago i got my car repossed by 53 rd bank it was taken without any type of advance notice,even though i was told that they had called and had written to me concerning this matter. it was taken from where i work at in the middle of the night along with my personal things. after finding out what happened, i called the bank and they said that i was 6 months behind which only turned out to be a few days behind this was found out at a local branch in eaton ohio after paying 400.00 to them i got the car back unharmed. the following week i recieved another notice that they were going to take another 200.00 from my checking account when i called about it they weasanother order to take the car ,and i was threatened that if i got behind again i would never see the car again

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