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This bank is the worst I have ever dealt with in my fifty years. Don’t go anywhere NEAR them!

We tried buying a house that was on the bank’s books as a foreclosure property, and as anyone who knows the industry would appreciate, banks have an obligation to rid themselves of real estate holdings. We put in a good offer, they accepted, and when we came to an agreement on a total figure for rolling in the costs of closing, the presented us with an amendment that contained two completely conflicting clauses. One stated that they agreed to pay the closing costs, with a specific figure mentioned, while another clause stated that they WOULD NOT pay the buyer’s closing costs. Thinking it was an oversight, we crossed out the negative clause, initialed it, and returned the contract back to the bank through their agent. They came back at us and told us it had to remain as is! It was a complete joke, and we even sought legal opinion and were told not to sign such an ambiguously worded document, as it would open end the agreement and leave us having to trust the bank’s integrity! Would you do this??? We went backwards and forwards with them over it, but they refused to budge, essentially blackmailing us into signing the document through our desire to buy the home. Our mortgage broker finally told us to go ahead, stating that if the bank played any games afterwards we could use the ambiguity to back out. But so much time had been taken up with all of the crap from the bank that we asked Fifth Third to change the closing date – they refused, even though they caused the delay.
I come from a Real Estate family, and I have never seen a deal made such a trial of humiliation and aggravation by such an uncooperative and hostile party, one that seems to think it exists to make buyers jump through every hoop imaginable. If they had set out to make the signing process as difficult as possible in order to drive us away they couldn’t have done a better job, because that’s what we did. Against legal advice we were prepared to sign the document to try and buy a house we’d fallen in love with, but to be such SOB’s over changing the closing date due to delays they’d caused was just too much.
The punchline? We found out recently that another buyer offered $15, 000 over what we agreed to with the bank and has a closing date less than a week after the one they were trying to force us to stick with. Wonder perhaps that the treatment we got had a motive behind it? Or was it just coincidence and Fifth Third are just a pack of arseholes?
Our advice? Don’t EVER deal with Fifth Third where real estate is concerned. Or maybe just don’t deal with Fifth Third period. Any business that treats the public the way we were by Fifth Third doesn’t deserve any custom at all.


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