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Fifth Third is the worst bank ever. I just found out my account was overdrawn. I looked up my account and found that my ending balance for the day was over $300. I called Fifth Third to find out why I was charged $222 last night. Their response is that only $100 of my deposit was available for the withdrawls that day. I’m confused how is my end of the day balance positive and I’m still charged? If you can figure that one out let me know. Not to mention, that I’m going to be charged $111 tonight from what I’m told because I had other checks come out of my account last night. I think it’s a crock. Why do they pay largest to smallest… So they can rip people off. I got charged $37 for a $2.11 debit payment.

My favorite is that even when they’re wrong they still try to blame you. I deposited Cash about a month ago and discovered the next day that I was overdrawn. I called the bank to see what was going on. The teller hadn’t put my deposit through. If I hadn’t kept my deposit slip i would have been out $680. Three days later i got a letter stating that as a courtesy they were going to waive my fees. How do you like that? They screw up and they try to act like they’re doing me a favor. If you aren’t currently a Fifth Third bank customer run the other way and save yourself some major headaches.


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